Literally Celine...

Hey it's Celine! I'm 17 years old and from Canada. I'm also a blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do and I'm pretty sure that Ed Sheeran is my spirit animal. :D oh and MAC IS MY SOULMATE.

Trini To De Bone - David Rudder

…All these years I spent abroad in de cold, longing to be home
Trini to bone, trini to de bone
God I pray that some sweet day, I will no longer have to roam
Trini to bone, trini to de bone
De problems we have are plain to see
We prove we could stand de scrutiny
All and all, a true democracy
How we vote, is not how we party
There’s no place like home some people say
Though some have to leave to make their way
But in their hearts I know their destiny
To come home and big up they country…

Sunday, 22 - 01 - 2012

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